About Rouillard

Rouillard is a company that started in 1978 with the intentions of designing and producing creative and modern styled ergonomic seating to furnish both the office environment and the lobby area.

Rouillard's guiding principal is very simple, they strive to offer great design at affordable prices. In addition to the comfort behind all their products, their ergonomic chairs come with various standard adjustments to adapt to all body types:

  • Seat Height - Easily adjustable using a pneumatic adjustment lever, allowing for proper alignment of the feet, forearms, wrists and shoulders while sitting at your work station.
  • Seat Width / Depth - The width and depth of the seat chair should provide comfortable support to the user. An optional seat slider may be offered to adjust the depth of the chair seat.
  • Seat Angle - Adjust the seat angle in proportion with the backrest angle.
  • Lumbar Support - Support and comfort for the lower back.
  • Quality Material - Sufficiently dense and thick foam material to provide optimal comfort for extended periods of use. Quality covering that allows air flow between the chair and the user.

To view Rouillards entire product line, visit their website, and contact BFI as we can get you all their products you need.

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