About Allseating

Started in 1982, Allseating has put their entire focus into designing the perfect chair. Allseating has developed a reputation for quickly adjusting to the changing needs of customers in the office, education and healthcare sectors. BFI supplers Allseating products for just that reason, they are always releasing new products that match our clients needs and desires.

Allseating is dedicated to creating the ergonomic workplace specific to your individual specs. Since the most common workplace injuries happen while youre sitting down, Allseating has developed the 4 key elements to creating an ergonomic workplace:

  • Chair - The proper ergonomic task chair should promote proper posture and easily adjust to your needs throughout the day.
  • Keyboard Support - Using a keyboard tray helps prevent wrist pain and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Monitor Support - Ability to change your monitor height is crucial for keeping your neck and head aligned properly with your back.
  • Task Lighting - Although overhead light is often provided, task lighting is still important for minimizing eyestrain and fatigue.

To view Allseatings entire product line, visit their website, and contact BFI as we can get you all their products you need.

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