Venture Communications

Project Requirements

Venture Communications is an industry leader in business marketing, boasting a client list of accomplished international brands. It is this success which has made their CEO, Arlene Dickinson, an iconic Canadian brand. Partnership and Communication are the pillars of their foundational philosophy. Their goal was to create inviting, collaborative spaces which could inspire creativity and communication.

The BFI Solution

Business Furnishings Inc and the design team from Jerilyn Wright and Associates teamed up to create a modern, funky and truly unique work environment. Breakout rooms, boardrooms and dining spaces all focused on inspiring the type of creativity and communication that keeps Venture Communications on the cutting edge.

  • Allermuir Ad-Lib Conference Tables
  • Allermuir Ad-Lib Bar Tables
  • Groupe Lacasse Reception Furniture
  • Rouillard Agora Dining Tables
  • Rouillard Pillium Ply Stools
  • Rouillard Pillium Chairs
  • Keilhauer Cahoots Chairs

Our suppliers for this project were Allermuir, Groupe Lacasse , Rouillard and Keilhauer.

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