Project Requirements

In a competitive hiring market, where demand for skilled labor is at an all-time high, MEG Energy is at the forefront of the modern work environment. Their goal was to provide a progressive and functional work place to retain existing employees and attract quality talent for the future.

The BFI Solution

Using our broad scope of product lines we were able to achieve a progressive work environment in executive and private offices, collaboration rooms, boardrooms, storage areas and cafeteria/lounge settings. Ergonomic considerations were fundamental in the design, which saw the implementation of the sit-stand workstation and ergonomically correct seating. The custom MEG Energy insignia on the lounge seating works to create a sense of team and belonging. A choice was made to integrate laminate finishes to work surfaces and boardroom tables, the difference is indistinguishable and adds decades to the life of the furniture. The Products installed are:

  • SIMO Conferre Series Meeting room Tables
  • SIMO EVO Series Height-adjustable Workstations
  • SIMO EVO Series Personal Storage Units
  • SIMO Bar and Dining Tables
  • Allseating ‘You’ Task Chair
  • Allseating ‘Ray” Conference Chair
  • Global Group ‘Supra’ Guest Chair
  • Keilhauer ‘Also’ Bar stools with custom MEG Energy Insignia
  • Keilhauer ‘Cahoots’ Lounge seating
  • Keilhauer ‘Grand’ Lounge Table
  • SpaceCo Paper-management Solutions

Our suppliers for this project were SIMO Corp, Allseating, Global Group, Keilhauer and SpaceCo.

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