Project Requirements

For MEG Energy, this floor had a uniquely complex array of variables. First, they had a need to accommodate over 110 employees. Second, due to their new tower projected for 2017, this floor had potentially only a 3 year lifespan, resulting in concerns over the efficiency and budget. Third, there was a desire to experiment with new ideas- as a trial run for the new building. Finally, MEG Energy hold’s itself to the highest standard for the health of its employees. Ergonomics and an adaptable workstation were still the primary concern. Hence, these factors presented a delicate juggling act.

The BFI Solution

Business Furnishings Inc and the design team at Jerilyn Wright and Associates collaborated on a challenge that would test the limits of their creativity and our product offering. The result was an exciting balance of aesthetics, ergonomics, and financial astuteness.

  • Groupe Lacasse NVision Panel System
  • Heartwood Manufacturing Casegoods
  • Joro Electric Height Adjustable Bases
  • Simo Corporation Boardroom Furniture
  • Simo Corporation Soft Seating
  • Rouillard Café Seating
  • Allseating Task Seating
  • Allseating Boardroom Seating
  • Global Guest Seating

Our suppliers for this project were Groupe Lacasse, Heartwood, Joro Electric, SIMO Corp, Rouillard, Allseating and Global Group.

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