Danatec Educational Services Ltd.

Project Requirements

"In the last five years, Danatec Educational Services Ltd has been on a growth spurt. Although it might be more accurate to call it a surge. Since president and CEO Alina Martin took the reins from her father in 2000, the company has significantly increased its product line. Staff has grown from eight employees to 20. And revenue has more than doubled."
Tiffany Burns Calgary Business Magazine

It was this rapid growth that landed Danatec in Calgary Business Magazine and facilitated an opportunity for Business Furnishings Inc to help ease growing pains. Our family business values aligned seamlessly and an efficient working relationship was quickly formed. The intuition of the design team at Jerilyn Wright and Associates to internalize and express the individual vision of the client cannot be overstated. Pictures tell the tale of Alina’s dream for an open, bright and collaboration inspiring office environment.

The BFI Solution

When you are growing at this accelerated pace, budget and bottom line are at the forefront. It was paramount we kept overhead low to maintain Danatec’s flexibility in the marketplace. On the flip side, our product selections had to compliment the work of the design team and vision of the leader. Our diverse offering was carefully sifted to manage both objectives.

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