From design and perception, to price point and ergonomic correctness, there are an endless number of considerations to determine your optimal seating solution. Utilize our experience and over 50 product lines to create your vision, without compromising your budget.

Task Seating

Because you spend the majority of your day, every day, sitting in a chair, it needs to adjust to you. Try something that makes the seated position more ergonomic and more comfortable.

Conference Seating

The conference room, where impressions and ideas are formed and decisions are made. The appropriate conference seating has the power to influence perception and position your brand.

Guest Seating

Make your guests feel welcome, inspire collaboration and compliment your workspace design.

Lounge / Reception Seating

The face of your workspace and often your first impression, our soft seating lines will give you the flexibility to build an inviting space to wait, collaborate or seek privacy.

Lunchroom Seating

Co-worker cohesion is built in the casual spaces, provide your people a comfortable place to dine and interact.

Past Projects

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